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Personal Information
          First name(s)/surname(s)   Keith Michael Rowsell
                                 Address(es)    Naples, Italy
                                   Telephone    Currently N/A                    Mobile phonel: +39 3342022745
                                                                                                          skype: keithrowsell1
                                         E-mail    keithrowsell@gmail.com
                                  Nationality     British
         SHOWREEL 2016                  https://vimeo.com/189850752
         PORTFOLIO & OTHER           http://keith-rowsell.blogspot.de/
         CV ON LINKEDIN                    https://www.linkedin.com/in/keith-rowsell-67a40247?trk

   Employment/2D Animator/Assistant/Clean up artist
    Work experience

    2018 - Working from home creating everything except the audio for a client requested 4 minute educational video aimed at small children to be used as a Pilot episode.

    2018 - Freelance from home clean up artist and colourist for the music video "Let me love you" performed by the artist -Breakbot-  for the studio EDDY.

    2018 -   Freelance work from home as a flash animator on Paprika for Xilam

    2018 - Layout and animator and cleaup aritst for Black is Beltza freelance work from home for Hampa Studio

    2017 - Flash animator for episodes Groupe de rock, Pere Noel and Livreurs of Molang from Milimage.

    2013-2016  Animated on season 3 and 5 of The Amazing World of Gumball as clean
    up-inbetweener at Studio Soi using Flash software and season 4 as a Supervisor.

    2015 Clean up work on Nero music video, Into the night at RedKnuckle studio.

    2014 Freelance work animating an episode of Whizzylandin in Flash for an Italian animation studio
    with my partner.

    2012-2013 Animator at Kavaleer working on the tv series Wildernuts.

    2012  Flash animator at Studio Soi on their current production of "The Amazing World of Gumball"                     Season 2 doing inbetweens, animation and clean up.

    2011, 2015 Worked as a contract 2d traditional animator for Reverge Labs on their game Skullgirls
     and Indivisible.

    2010-2011 7 months working as a junior celaction animator on a children's TV series called
    Poppy cat for King Rollo films.

    2010 Freelance creating a set of Star-Caster science fiction illustrations for a client. The purpose
    of the illustrations was to show the environmental designs for the worlds as well as telling
     the story within a pitch that the client intended to show to Sony.

    2009-2010- 6 months pre-production work in Shanghai/China working full time on background
     design for Glory & Dream studios:
    I worked on background design for 3 months designing a number of areas for their current
    animated feature film project. Then for the next 3 months I went over to paint colour keys,
    do colour design and prop colour designs.


- Arts Institute in Bournemouth (AUCB)
- BA in Animation Production at the AIB 2009. 2:1
- CGMA Online light and colour painting course certificate

Personal interests:

I enjoy spending my free time being creative and learning which can be observed when
playing violin and working on personal projects alone or in a small team ranging from comics, ilustrations to video games. Nutrition and health are both important to me so I cook my meals everyday with my partner. I have traveled far and gained a lot of
experience living in different countries and cultures along with language skills.
  My experience growing up and working abroad has given me a passion for traveling and experiencing different cultures.

Programme Skills:

- Photoshop CS 3 - CS 6 (Digital painting) Extensive

- Flash (animation) Extensive

- TV paint (animation and paint program)

- Toon Boom (animation software)

- Adobe Illustrator
- Celaction 2D (animation software)

- Premier (editing software)

Language skills :

English - Mother tongue
Fluent Spanish - From having grown up in Spain
Italian- Learnt from living with my Italian wife in Italy
German- As obtained from years of working and learning in Germany.

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